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Specialists in spontaneous social photography

Imp Imaging specialise in unposed social photography, the new style now much in demand for weddings and many other types of event.

We work in Matlock, Chesterfield, Sheffield and other areas of Derbyshire but are prepared to travel

We can take the modern photographic style to its limits, as done by fine art photographers. Or if you prefer, we can provide the more traditional style of photography.

We use monochrome and colour, because we believe that the simplicity of black and white prints can be more effective and stylish than colour. Whilst painters can balance or contrast colour harmonies, it can be harder for a colour photographer to achieve the same level of control.

This style produces a good story of the day which can be shown by web sites, albums and high quality prints which we offer at fair prices . We produce clip art and send images to phones for free when possible

We have many years' experience of reportage photography used in advertising, books, magazines and websites as well as exhibitions, weddings and christenings, PR and other event photography.

It is helpful to meet up before the event to build up a rapport, to discuss preferences and to agree tactics for the day's photography. For example, if the event is a wedding, good pictures can be obtained of the bride preparing and other more low-key events associated with the day.

As seems appropriate for this modern age of home printing we always include a disk with the images on in the price, which starts at £375.00

Experience shows that working without preconceptions as much as possible, and instead, going with the flow, produces better images than achieved by trying to manipulate the situation. We take a large number of pictures, but in an unobtrusive way, using quiet cameras and avoiding flash wherever possible. Our aim is to produce a good story of the day.

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